Goku Day Events

In addition to Goku’s Greatest Fights poll, the official site also announced a series of events to celebrate the main character of Dragon Ball.

First up is the creation of Goku’s Jacket and Gohan’s Chinese style clothing they wore during the Cell Saga when they took a day off to spend time hanging out. This will be given away to a lucky winner in Japan only. You can view the article here and the image of the clothing is below:

The second special event is in the game Dokkan Battle that you can read about here and players will be able to receive the following:

1.Get Tons of Dragon Stones from the Special Login Bonus!
2. Get “Book of War: Son Family” for Yourself! Special Missions On Now!
3. Past Events Have Made a Reappearance!
4. Events to Obtain Ex Skill Orbs That Can Be Completed Multiple Times Are On!
5. A Worldwide Joint SNS Campaign Is Here!

Finally, Dragon Ball Legends also has a “GOKU EVERYDAY!”, a Goku-only Summon Event, is on now in Dragon Ball Legends!

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