Fusion World Blazing Aura Booster Packs

Dragon Ball Super Card Game just announced the new Blazing Aura booster packs that just went on sale in Japan. The two super-powerful SCR cards are Vegito and Golden Frieza below:

There are also twelve Super Rare cards divided into four color categories below:

The red SR Alt-Art cards are “Kefla”, “Android 17”, and “Son Gohan: Adolescence”.
“Kefla” gets +5000 power when your Leader is awakened. Plus, when you play it, you can draw one card and play up to one Battle Card that meets specific conditions!

The blue SR Alt-Art Cards are “Zamasu”, “Zamasu: Fused”, and “Vegito”.
“Zamasu” cannot be removed from the Battle Area by your opponent’s skills and has an ability that when you attack you discard one card from your hand and then draw one card.

The green SR Alt-Art cards are “Cell”, “Son Gohan: Future”, and “Trunks: Future”.
“Cell” is a super defensive card that, when played, lets you place 3 cards from your energy in your Drop, and then choose up to two of your opponent’s Battle Cards and KO them. Lastly, you then place the top card of your deck, and add it to your life.

The yellow SR Alt-Art cards are “Son Goku”, “Bulma”, and “Vegeta”.
“Son Goku” has an ability that, on play and when attacking, allows you to choose up to one of your opponent’s cards to make unable to switch to active mode during their next turn.

Finally there are four Leader Cards that is the most important part of your deck, and you can win by attacking your opponent’s Leader Card and reducing its life to zero! Plus, once your Leader Card only has half its life remaining, you can flip it over and awaken it to give its power and abilities a huge boost!

Let me know if you collect these and what you think of the cards in the comments!

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