Review: Dragon Ball Super Manga #74 – Vegeta VS. Granolah

The latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super just released and if you haven’t read it yet, check it out on Viz Media or Shueisha.

At the start, Vegeta tries to talk some sense into Granolah while the Cerealians flee from all the explosions in their town. But Granolah doesn’t back down so Vegeta powers up and does the God of Destruction boulder blowing up technique. Granolah isn’t fazed and does his own claiming he is the strongest. They go back and for in the forest and then in the water as Vegeta gets beat up a little but also gets in a few hits. Goku at this point finally wakes up and then Vegeta gets the touch of death that cracks his armor and sends him back to base form. He has a pretty good speech here that I wont try to summarize but at the end of the chapter we see his new form. Its like SSGSSJ3 without the long hair. Many have noted the lack of eyebrows like in SSJ3 form and his hair maybe a darker or even different color, cant really tell in black and white.

Couple notes here: Granolah seems to have made a similar mistake that Frieza made when he got his Gold form as he also didnt train or control his powers and Vegeta, the ever tactician correctly noted this when Granolah accidentally blows up the remains of his old childhood city.

Also, I really wish they would just give him the SSJ3, they gave it to every other bad Saiyan in Dragon Ball Heroes so why not give Vegeta the SSGSSJ3 Purple hair flaming body treatment? Would also make a cool looking figure.

Guess we will need to wait another month before we see what the new power is capable of and hopefully it lasts more than a chapter or two.

Happy Readings!

Edit: I also like the fact that the two main Saiyans are now diverging in their power acquisition. Before it was Goku does something and Vegeta follows and now they are choosing different paths to acquire different powers up like when playing an RPG and you have different branches where you can train your hero. If Vegeta had gone the Goku UI route here, Granolah would have one shot him as well.


  1. Toriyama likes simple and clean designs. I think this is why he doesn’t use Super Saiyan 3 that much. I definitely see what youre saying though…He’s already browless with similar eyes, might as well go all the way and add the hair. That look worked for Goku Black in Heroes with the pink hair, so a purple version would be cool. I like his current design though; the short hair with that face and earring makes him look kind of punkish.

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