Weekly Dragon Ball News 7/19/2021

The latest episode of Weekly Dragon Ball news just released and this week Victory Uchida introduces the new Android figures we reported on last week. You can read about them here. Also, the September issue of V-JUMP comes out on Wednesday so we should be seeing DBS manga chapter 74 tomorrow. There have been many leaks already regarding Vegeta’s new form and I’m looking forward to seeing the results of his training. Finally, there is a new Super Master Stars Piece The Bardock figure. This is an amusement figure in Japan, but BBTS have had these up for pre-order for a while now with an estimated arrival date of August.

Finally, dont forget that Comicon @Home 2021 Starts this Friday, but the special event exclusive figures will release on Thursday 7/22 so have your browsers ready if you plan to purchase.

Watch the complete episode here!