Piccolo’s Info Revealed during AnimeJapan

In this edition of Namek Editorial, the official site revealed some tid bits about Piccolo and his role in the upcoming DBS Super Hero movie. He has an undercover RxR outfit that he wears when he infiltrates the organization. Interestingly, they give him a rifle of some sort and hopefully this makes it as a figure somewhere down the line.

As an aside, a gun has been used to almost kill Goku in the Resurrection of Frieza movie and just recently, Granolah – the previous world’s strongest warrior was almost offed by a gun so instead of constant power ups and new forms, they are just going with guns now?

There is also a new trailer for the move that you can watch below.

Finally, S.H. Figuarts is showing off a prototype of Piccolo’s Namekian home. This looks pretty cool and hopefully they move this to official release sometime in the near future. Would be really cool if it opened up so we can see the inside as well. Let me know in the comments if you would buy this!

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  1. I would definitely buy a figure of this Piccolo. We will probably get a chibi version of him in the WCF line at the very least. I also want Piccolo’s home! Always happy to get more buildings and dioramas.

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