S.H. Figuarts Namek Krillin in Armor

The official site just announced S.H. Figuarts Namek Krillin Figure in old Frieza force battle armor to go with Kid Gohan in armor. Krillin’s armor comes with holes so you can pose the scene where frieza blows him up to pieces triggering Goku’s transformation to the legendary super saiyan, but we find out later theres an even stronger super saiyan out there, but this is decanonized to make for another character who has the same form who is able to take on super saiyan god super saiyan, but that is getting way off topic here.

Namek Krillin will be a Premium Bandai release, no surprises here, and will cost 6050 yen so about the same as kid gohan. Pre-orders should start in the next day or two in Japan followed by the US and shipping will be October so we should see it around Christmas stateside – this seems so far away.

There are two more figures from the Namek arc before they transition to the Android and Cell arc although first form Cell is already available for pre-order as a regular release. Looking forward to see who the last two characters are. Anyways, enjoy the pics below and I will update when the pre-order link is available.

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