Featured Collector #6: Adam’s Prototype Figure Collection

In our latest edition of “Featured Collector” we have Adam, a personal friend of mine and avid Dragon Ball collector. Adam has by far the largest prototype figure collection I’ve ever seen and he’s showing no signs of slowing down now.

In addition to prototype figures Adam also collects Dragon Ball CCG items like limited edition booster boxes, sealed packs and other rare cards from various sets and incarnations of the game.

Check out the statement below from Adam on his Dragon Ball collection:

Hello, my name is Adam. I’ve been collecting DBZ since 2004.

Why only go after prototype figures?

     When I started collecting figures, right away I wanted to do something different. The resin King Cold is one of the most limited figures out there, yet it seems to pop up in just about every collection. I wanted a collection that is one of a kind and can’t be duplicated. This is still a growing collection.

     The prototype figures, I have only been collecting for 3 years. I’m very picky on what to buy. My collection is mainly Irwin, Jakks, and Banpresto. The figures being test shots, samples, first shots, injection molds, and resins. Sometimes the figures will look different from the production.

What’s so special about limited DBZ card boxes?

     Score’s Dragon Ball Z TCG was my second love after Pokemon. All the neighborhood kids would get together and play the game. Having the mentality that I do, I once again wanted something different. It was turning into a job trying to complete the sets. Factory sealed limited edition booster boxes seemed to be the best route.

     My box collection started about 10 years ago. Lost Episodes is the only GT Box I had interest in adding. Lost Episodes, happens to be the rarest of all the Score DBZ/GT boxes. My Score DBZ box collection is missing Trunks limited edition.


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