Super Dragon Ball Heroes – Ultra God Mission

I don’t know how many of you pay attention to this series, but I have been following this anime on and off since it started in 2018 after the end of DBS. The concept is based on the card game and i guess this is supposed to get fans excited to play the game with new characters, and what if scenarios you don’t get with the regular manga series.

They have been bringing together characters from different universes and times and dimensions for quite a while now and even inventing new characters, especially from the god realm that makes the character designs look more like something out of Dragon Quest (another Toriyama IP) and not DBS.

This series starts out with a tournament of power like format with warriors from different parts of the Dragon Ball universe and we are shown a hooded bad guy who people are assuming to be an evil Future Gohan due to his use of just one hand and also the scar on his face. Since these episodes are very short and come out only once a month, it takes time for the story to build and my guess is that in the end the fromer Supreme Kai of Time, Aios, will end up being defeated.

Let me know what you think about this series in the comments and you can watch the first two episodes below:

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