Figuarts SSJ4 Goku Substandard Packaging Now Available!

Looks like BBTS has more of these in Substandard packaging so if you didnt get yours, and here is your chance to own this very hard to find figure!

Edit 3: So it looks like the substandard packaging is finally sold out…good job guys! I’m gonna leave this up here just in case they get anymore cancellations!

Edit 2: If you were wondering what substandard packaging means, please visit BBTS website here for an explanation. In short, if you dont care about the condition of the box, then this is for you, but if you are a collector who wants a pristine box, then you will need to look elsewhere or wait and see if a standard version becomes available!

Edit: If you are wondering why this post keeps disappearing and then reappearing, it’s because the availability keeps changing on BBTS so I will close the story when there the item is sold out, but for some reason they keep restocking. Not sure why this is happening, but my best guess is people aren’t paying for their pre-orders so they get released to the general public. This wont last forever though so get yours now for a great price before they are all sold out…

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