Three Years of

Some of the long term visitors may have noticed that around or on August, 23rd I’ll make a post commemorating the site’s birthday. Unfortunately, this year I missed the date due to my obligations to my job. But better late than never, right? Right!

I’m pretty thrilled to see the site hitting the three year mark. This project started as something I wanted to do to simply pass the time and continue to have a hand in the Dragon Ball community, as well as a way for me to continue working on a website of some kind. Both web development and Dragon Ball hold a special place in my heart and I didn’t want to drift away from them too much, thus the site was born!

I know updates have slowed down as of late, this is due in part to me being busy preparing for deployment with the world’s greatest Navy and also due in part to Dragon Ball figure news slowing down.

I’d like to start updating the figure database more often in the future, remove the price guides (as they’re very out of date) and find extra staff members to help me keep the site active. If you have any other suggestions for the site, please let me know. I’ll do my best to implement them.

Thanks for another year of support!

Majin Rob
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