New Features at!

Hey everyone, some of you might recall some posts I had made discussing features that were in development for the site. Some of those features are now live at and I’d like to discuss a few of them with you below:

  1. Users May Now Register for Accounts
    These accounts will allow users to:
    – Create a profile
    – Comment on news posts with their user profile
    – Keep track of user comments by browsing their profile
    – Add figures from the figure database to their profile, enabling users to keep better track of their collection
    – In the future, users will be able to submit entries to the figure database
  2. The New Figure Database is Now Live
    The revamped figure database is now live. It allows users to search based on multiple criteria, or to browse manually.

The first bit of news does unfortunately mean that we have parted ways with Disqus as our news commenting system. However, users will be able to comment using their registered profiles at the site. Additionally they will be able to keep track of their comments and the comments of others by browsing their profile.

We want to stress that these changes are all in their beta phases. We dont expect everything to work perfectly, so if you find any errors or bugs with the website please report them via our contact page.

We’re very excited about these new changes and more are under development and on their way. Be sure to register for an account and let us know what you think of the new!

Majin Rob
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