Merry Christmas!

Just thought I’d make a quick post to wish every a Merry Christmas/Holiday Season and Happy New Year. I also felt it’d be appropriate to thank everyone for their support over the years. I get a lot of enjoyment and happiness out of running this site and hearing positive feedback from visitors has been overwhelmingly satisfying for me. Knowing that people out there appreciate what the site has to offer has been very redeeming, even though when I started the site it was just meant to be a means to passing the time.

I also feel it may be appropriate to lay out my plans for 2017 regarding the site. I want to expand and complete our checklists, as I feel it’s the second most valuable resource the site offers. First being the news, as shown on the main page. I want the site to be a reputable and valuable resource for collectors who not only want to know the latest goings on in Dragon Ball action figure collecting, but also consider us the most informative and thorough resource for the myriad of different manufacturers and lines in the Dragon Ball figure collecting scene.

I’d also like to take on staff members to help me keep the main page updated with accurate news posts. So if you have Word Press experience, know a bit about Dragon Ball figure collecting and find yourself informed before most with the latest news, then perhaps you should get in touch with me about a staff position here.

Enjoy your holiday! Hopefully you’re being given some time off of work, school or both. Spend it with family and spend it doing what you enjoy.

Majin Rob
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7 years ago

Merry Christmas!!!

Rezo Inverse
7 years ago

Merry Christmas and Good lucky on the next year!! ^^