Jump Festa 2017 Coverage

Kame House with Shenron 2

Jump Festa 2017 has opened its doors today and will be running through to December 18th! As it has since 2003, the exposition is being held in Makuhari Messe, Tokyo, Japan and there’s no shortage of a crowd. There’s several panels from current and former Jump series, which of course includes Dragon Ball.

The Dragon Ball booth features a giant reproduction of Kame House with a life size Goku and Shenron. Additionally, there’s a reproduction of Master Roshi’s Turtle and a Shenron sticker game, in which visitors are encouraged to collect seven Dragon Ball stickers in order to win a Dragon Ball themed calendar.

About Jump Festa

Jump Festa (ジャンプフェスタJanpu Fesuta?) is an annual party or exposition in Japan, all about anime and manga, sponsored by Shueisha, creators of the various Jump anthologies. The exposition was started in 1999 under the name Jump Festa 2000 (ジャンプフェスタ 2000Janpu Fesuta 2000?).[1] New movies, manga, games, and merchandise are introduced during this event. The tradition is that of already existing material a special item or episode is produced and presented at the convention to prove the makers are not out of ideas and to experiment. Manga artists of popular current and former Jump series are often on hand, and many of them have panels where they answer questions.

The event also acts as a gaming convention; game designers often debut trailers and new gameplay footage as well as game demos for the public. In the past, Namco Bandai and Square Enix have used the event for such purposes. Although the event is focused around Shōnen Jump, there are often events for many other anime and video game franchises.

Source: Wikipedia

Additionally a teaser trailer debuted for the upcoming Dragon Ball Super arc, called the “Universe Survival” arc. We have a subtitled in english trailer for you below:


Check out the image slide show below for additional coverage:

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Rezo Inverse
7 years ago

This Jump Festa Is sooo full of news, that I’m still going crazy over them.haha