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Just a couple of things to report regarding the site and content updates. I added a nearly complete checklist for a line of figures by Bandai called Ultimate Figure Full Action. The checklist is only missing three figures out of the total eleven, but that’s only because finding decent photos of them has been difficult.

Additionally we have updated the Counterfeit Guides section with a guide on Counterfeit Super Battle Collection figures. The aim of these guides are to educate anyone about the differences between fake and legitimate figures. Hopefully they help you in some way.

In addition to this checklist I’ve also updated how the checklists are displayed, what information is displayed with each figure and the index pages for each figure manufacturer. If you like our figure checklists, please leave us some feedback as to how we could improve them.

I’ve seen a lot more activity in the comments of our posts, which I greatly appreciate. If you’re interested in more interactive sections, we now have a forum as well. Hope to see you there!

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