Battle of Muscle Tower DX by Epoch Commercial Uploaded

Hey everyone, I’m back with some more content updates for you all. I just uploaded a new commercial to our Dragon Ball Action Figure Commercials section. This time it’s a Japanese commercial from way back in 1986, for Epoch’s “Muscle Tower DX” play set. Easily one of the best pieces of Dragon Ball merchandise ever, in my humble opinion.

Check out the commercial below and subscribe to our YouTube channel if you like:

Additionally, our friend and contributor to DBZ Figures; Richie Shia has created a video reviews of this play set and posted on his YouTube channel. So check that out below as well:

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  • sharinganmor92

    have u done a list of all the web exclusive sh figuarts i just want to know which ones i may never get lol.

    • MajinRob

      On our SH Figuarts checklist I plan to specify which are web exclusives and which arent. Would this idea work for you? I need some feedback on the checklists, haha. I need to know if users use them and like them.

      • sharinganmor92

        Yeah sounds good it’ll give me an idea of which figures
        May get a premium color or reissue. I could do the research and make the list

  • Dippergames420