Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter #98 – Gamma #2’s Resolve

Its a good day when a new DBS Manga chapter releases and today we have chapter 98 titled Gamma 2’s Resolve. If you haven’t already done so, click the link below to read this chapter before scrolling down as I will be reviewing the chapter with spoilers.

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This chapter is a continuation of the fight with Cell Max and it starts off with Gotenks getting smashed around by everyone and eventually cracking the head of CM. Everyone else is behind a trench and Gamma #2 comes up with a plan for everyone to fire off blasts to distract CM while he unleashes his head on assault. The plan doesn’t start off very well as none of the attacks are reaching, but Krillin joins the fight, saves Android 18 and uses his Taiyo-Ken to give G#2 enough time to launch his attack. He is able to make contact and cuts off CM’s right arm. I cant remember if this part was in the movie so let me know in the comments if this happened. Also, can’t cell regenerate? This puts G#2 out of action and Piccolo saves him from being squashed by CM with G#1 retrieves his body. Krillin reminds Piccolo that he can turn big to fight better with CM, but Piccolo says it doesn’t make him stronger and it’s actually harder to fight in giant mode. He then tries to give his last senzu bean to Gohan for one final attack, but it gets dislodged by CM and we have a chase to see who can get the last bean. Pan finally grabs it and throws it to Gohan so he can recover and power up. Piccolo is able to get the upper hand briefly as they regroup for the final attack. Thats it for this chapter, I think it will be two more before the Super Hero Movie arc is over. Let me know what you think in the comments!

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