Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 77 – Bardock, Father of Goku

This is coming out a bit late today as I thought the Manga wouldn’t drop until tomorrow, but in case you haven’t read it yet, you can check it out on Viz Media Here or Shueisha Here! And just like always, spoilers from here on out…

So the chapter starts off the same as in the previews with the Cerelians and Namekians living a peaceful life when out of nowhere, saiyan ships land and out come Oozarus attacking everyone in sight. The Namekians are the first to go and Monaito being the last survivor is tasked with the safe keeping of the Dragon Balls, all two of them so we know there will only be two figuarts for this series that will come with Dragon Balls. The Cerealians only fare a little bit better as they are able to take the artificial moon that allowed the saiyans to transform, but are otherwise wiped out except for Granolah and his mom. Bardock follows them to their hiding place and has flashbacks of his own family that probably prompted him to let them go. As the saiyans finish they are about to leave, but Bardock decides to stay back to help the last three survivors.

In the present time, this is when Granolah finds out it was because of this saiyan that he is even still alive and Monaito mentions that he was a splitting image of Goku, which he replies that he has no idea who Bardock is. That is when Vegeta reveals that Bardock is your father moment. Granolah wants to know why his mom didnt survive so the story in the past continues.

After Monaito heals Bardock they sense new people arriving and it is the Heeters and they overhear them talking about betraying Frieza. But then dumb baby Granolah starts screaming and they hear him. Bardock comes up with a ruse, but not before the Heeter leader shoots the mom. Bardock creates a distraction and the remaining three escape. Gas decides he will hunt the escapees down while the others head to a meeting with Frieza. In present day, they almost have the second Dragon Ball.

This is a nice inbetween story chapter and explains a little more of the relationships of all three groups and it will be interesting to see what happens between Gas and Bardock. I find it ironic that Granolah has been working for the people who killed his mom, and in the image above, the one saiyan with the mustache sure looks like Nappa with short hair. Anyways, what are you thoughts on this? Leave them in them in the comments.

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