Dragon Ball Super Manga #84: A People’s Pride

Today is a good when we have a new chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga released. You can view on Viz Media Here or Shueisha Here. I will be talking about this chapter after the image so dont scroll down if you dont want spoilers.

In this chapter Monaito finishes his Bardock story as he returns to planet Vegeta after healing and then sees Goku in the regeneration pod. Both the saiyans learn what it means to have Saiyan pride and they get ready to do battle with Gas as he is almost there. Monaito gives the Saiyans the old Frieza force uniforms, but they end up with their original clothing, surprisingly, Vegeta is wearing his outfit without the armor. When Gas arrives they go out to greet him and i thought this would have been a good point to do fusion dance if they really wanted to fight together, but Goku goes ultra instinct and Vegeta goes ultra ego. They spar a bit, but end up getting hit by Gas and then Vegeta attacks with what looks like a God of Destruction Hakai. Goku helps to push it over, but Gas overpowers them and Vegeta leaves Goku alone to deal with the returning attack while he goes on the offensive against Gas. As you see in the picture above he gets another memeable beat down, but later tells Gas that getting beat only makes him stronger. The chapter ends there and we will have to wait till next month to see the conclusion of this.

Again, like Elec said, they made the wish after Vegeta and Goku obtained their forms so Gas is strongest and there’s really no way around that. Now if they had did fusion, they could have possibly become stronger, but nobody really knows. The other alternative is to have a divine intervention or to use the Dragon Balls again to reverse this. Even if Granolah wakes up to help, he is still weaker than Gas and it is unknown if his race also benefits from a beat down like the Saiyans do.

So that is it for this chapter. Let me know what you think in the comments and I look forward to seeing what happens next.

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