DBS Manga Chapter #85 To Each His Own Answer

The latest chapter for the Dragon Ball Super Manga is out now, so if you haven’t read it yet, you can find it here at Viz Media or here at Shueisha. I will be discussing the contents of this chapter below after the image so if you dont want spoilers, do not scroll down.

This chapter is all about the fighting and it starts with Vegeta continuing his fight with Gas and again getting beat up pretty badly until he passes out. Gas summons a sword and is about to finish him off when Goku while summoning his inner Saiyan forms a barrier around Vegeta and moves him to safety. Then Goku enters the fight and instead of using his silver haired UI, he goes back to the black haired UI Omen as it was called before. Some are saying that this is a new transformation, but looks wise, it seems the same as Omen although it is hard to tell in black and white images.

Goku is able to counter Gas’ attacks and mentions he is slightly more powerful than Gas now. After getting hit several times by Goku, Elect jumps on the battlefield to give Gas a pep talk. Their main goal is Frieza but he has to do better in this fight with the Saiyans. Goku interjects but Elect tells him off. Then we see Gas transform into his monster form.

My guess is Goku gets beatdown too since Gas is still strongest in the Universe and maybe Granolah will enter the fight again and maybe he will eventually save the day. Let me know what you think in the comments and your thoughts on Goku’s form and how this will all end.

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