Piccolo From The Saiyan Arc

This week’s character showcase is none other than Piccolo from the Saiyan Arc. Fresh from his leading role in the Super Hero movie, yes he appears the most as the main protagonist of the movie, the official site looks back at the point where he turned good. It all started when he sensed Radditz and knew that he probably couldn’t take him alone and worked with Goku to defeat his brother. Afterwards, he ended up training Gohan in anticipation for Vegeta and Nappa’s arrival on earth. He would end up giving his life for Gohan and that was how their personal bond started.

As one of the main characters of the franchise, Piccolo has a long list of figures, which you can see here. The official site also put together a page with all of Piccolo’s special movies. Let me know in the comments your favorite Piccolo figure released thus far.

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