X-Plus Cell Release Date and Next Releases in Line Announced

X-Plus Cell

At the “Kyarahobi 2015 C3 × HOBBY” show in Japan PLEX revealed the X-Plus Cell figure along with a corresponding release date. We will see X-Plus Cell become available in October, 2015.

What’s more interesting is that at this same exhibition PLEX also revealed prototypes of Piccolo and Super Saiyan 2 Gohan, their next two releases in the Dragon Ball Z “X-Plus” line up, but photographs were banned and we haven’t seen any revealed.

If you look at the photo below of the X-Plus Cell you can see part of the X-Plus Piccolo prototype to the right. While it’s not a full photograph, it certainly is compelling evidence to back up the stories of exhibition visitors!



Source: Dengeki Hobby

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