Top Figures/Characters For 2022

Every year, there seems to be a theme with Bandai and Banpresto with the figures they release and this year was no different. The year started with a few Bardock figures including a Figuarts and a X-Plus Gigantic series. Then the Goku SSJ4 Figuarts released along with some from Banpresto and next thing you know they released SSJ4 Vegeta and then a bunch of variants from the Super Dragon Ball Heroes anime. In May and June the Super Hero movie came out and a bunch of figures from the movie came out, the new ones being Gamma 1 and 2. Then we found out about the special characters in the movie, mainly Orange Piccolo and Beast Gohan, but those figures were only announced this year and wont actually release until 2023. The year ended with some bad guys including First Form Cell, his carapace that came with the Breakers game, and finally Turles, although his Figuarts wont be coming out until 2023. So with that, its not hard to guess what my top figures are for 2022, if you take out the various version of Goku, and Vegeta that are thrown into the mix. Anyways, let me know what you think in the comments and your favorite figure if not on this list.

#5. S.H. Figuarts Krillin

Many people have been waiting for a long time for Bandai to re-release this in the new body and they finally did it but they released two new versions including the body armor version from when he was on Planet Namek, but I will go with the original here!

#4. Allies King Cold Statue

This statue is probably the most expensive item on this list, but this series from Plex looks very cool.

#3. HG Dragon Ball Majin Buu Set

Buu has always been one of my favorite characters and releasing all his form here was a good move.

#2. Figuarts Zero SSJ4 Gogeta

They released three of these this year include SSJ Goku and Trunks, but this is probably my favorite out of the three.

Honorable Mention 1

DCF Gamma 1 and 2 figures. Since they were one of the first to bring these two characters to market.

Honorable Mention 2

Cant leave out my favorite Character Vegeta in his SSJ4 Form

Honorable Mention 3

Figuarts Zero SSJ Trunks Cutting down Mecah Frieza

Honorable Mention 4

S.H. Figuarts First Form Cell and his Shell, even though the shell is a separate figure, they really should have sold them together instead of making by the special edition of The Breakers.

Honorable Mention 5

This Group of Characters. I didnt buy this, but I’m sure a lot of people probably tried cause it looks cool.

#1. X-Plus Gigantic Series Turles

Every year they pick one obscure character from the past that nobody is talking about now to focus on and this year, it seemed like it was Turles. He had his Figuarts announced, an X-Plus released, a Banpresto release, so now all he needs is a Figuarts Zero to complete the set. This is a big figure and probably one of my favorites, more so than Bardock that released this year as well.

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