Impressions Of Dragon Ball and Z As Adults

The latest article on the official site focuses on the comedians Chika Tanabe and Nozomi Sakayori who form the comedian quartet known as Borujuku as they talk about their impressions of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z as adults. This is an interesting concept of changing opinions as we age and they detail in the interview how their thoughts have changed about the anime after watching it as adults.

As a teenager, I watched up to the cell games as i was in college when the Buu Arc came out so I only got bits and pieces of certain scenes on YouTube. About a year or two ago, during the pandemic, I re-watched the Team Four Star Abridged version on Youtube and found a new appreciation for it even though that was more of a parody than anything else. Really wished they did the Buu arc as well.

Anyways, let me know in the comments if you re-watched the series as an adult and if your impressions of the anime changed as you got older and make sure the read the long interview below, even though most people reading this will have no idea who these two are, including myself.

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