Top 10 Figures of 2020 (5-1)

And here is the continuation from the list I started yesterday. Make sure to leave a comment if you think something else should have been included here!

05. Dragon Ball Arise Great Ape Baby & Super Saiyan 4 Goku Exclusive
This figure is the most expensive out of all the ones listed and the only one I haven’t seen in person. The grate ape figure is one of my favorites due to its size and impact when you display it so if you’re into that and have deep pockets, this one is for you.

04. Dragon Ball S.H.Figuarts King Piccolo
Up until this figure was released, there weren’t many bad guys from the original Dragon Ball series so fans, especially those of the evil king Piccolo, were pretty happy when this was announced. It also comes with some nifty items like the egg spitting out of his mouth as well as the rice cooker.

03. Dragon Ball Legends Collab Super Saiyan Goku
Although SSJ Goku has many many figures already, this is one that stands out due to the unique outfit that doesn’t get used much in his figures. This is probably the most underdog Goku figure out there and will pair well with the Dragon Ball Legends Trunks.

02. Dragon Ball Z S.H.Figuarts Great Ape Vegeta
If you are a Vegeta fan, this was probably the #1 figure of 2020. It was one of the top sellers on BBTS and came with so many different attachments like Goku squeezed in his hands as well as Yojirobe cutting of his tail. I only wish this was Gigantic size, but maybe X-Plus will do a similar figure in the future.

01. Dragon Ball Super Gigantic Series Android 17 (With Grand Zeno)
And this is my favorite figure from 2020. If you followed the DBS Anime, you know he was the hero of the Tournament of Power and the inclusion of the Grand Zenos with this figure is just the icing on top of the cake. I do hope they release a newer version of Android 18 soon so they can be displayed in a pair.

Special Mention: FoolsParadise x ZCWO Tmall – YeLLowfool
I really dont know where the inspiration for these Homer Simpson/Goku collabs came from, but this is a big huge figure and it just looks wild. There is also a SSJ3 version as well!