TN2021 Opening Ceremony

So from what I gather, this is a Japan centric event and the website is Geo-blocked, so if you are outside of Japan, you cannot create an account and login. This is fine as they deserve their own event. So the only way to view the video’s is on their Youtube page after the event. I dont see any upcoming event listings, but will keep checking to see if any of the scheduled programs will be viewable live on Youtube outside of Japan or if you can only view once the event is over. For now, you can view all the videos uploaded so far here and the opening ceremony I have embedded below. Towards the end, we get the Flow version of Head Cha La!


Edit: It looks like you are able to watch the broadcasts live, but they dont advertise it so you just gotta show up on the Bandai youtube page at the time for the event and refresh to watch.