Tamashii Nations 2021

OK Dragon Ball fans, there have been a flurry of news during the past 24 hours, which I’m still trying to get through but in addition the TN2021, there are a few new websites as well. To access TN2021, click the link below, select your cookie preference and then select the Tamashii page based on your language/region. I selected English PB USA. You get a page with all the figures listed and wow are there a bunch of new Dragon Ball related stuff. Looks like they done away with the 3D walkthrough from last year and I wish there were more pictures for the figures. Also, I’m not sure what the everyone’s like tab is suppose to do as that is Japan only feature and should be disabled.

As far as new prototype figures, there is battle suit Gohan and Krillin from the Namek saga, Android 20 from the Cell Saga, First Form Cell, and Bug Cell. Theres also a new Figuarts Zero Super Siayan Son Goku figure as well.

First impressions of this new site is someone really didnt think this through and just slapped this together really quickly and the whole thing feels disjointed. Will post more when I have gone through everything.

Click Here To View TN2021