Tamashii Nations Teases New S.H. Figuarts Bulma

Tamashii Nations teased us with a new S.H. Figuarts Bulma figure, via their Official Instagram account. This time around Bulma will be sporting a more familiar outfit from the original Dragon Ball series. Very exciting, as it’s the version of Bulma we see when she’s first introduced to us in Dragon Ball:

Bulma as seen in Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies

UPDATE: Tamashii Nations revealed the full photo, price and release date!

UPDATE 2: Full gallery of photos added.

Tamashii has originally only posted a teaser photo, but less than an hour later they updated their post with the full figure revealed. Additionally, we’ve been given a Japanese release date of November, 2019. More over, the price point will be 6,050JPY and Bulma will stand at a height of 135mm.

The Details:

S.H. Figuarts “Young” Bulma

Release Date: November, 2019
Height: 135mm / 5.3 inches
Price: 6,050 JPY / $55.99~

Set Contents:
-Main figure
-Alternative facial expression part x2 types
-Alternative hands: left x2 types, right x5 types (including Hoi Poi Capsule holding hand)
-Dragon Radar
-Alternative holster
-Dragon Ball (2-star ball)

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      • Maybe but there are so many other characters to do before her…you pre-order king piccolo yet? for some reason eknight hasn’t posted that yet and all the other online stores have sold out quickly, not sure whats up with that…

        • I can agree. But at the same time there’s a finite amount of characters and designs to make. They’re probably trying to milk it out.

          I ordered my Piccolo at BBTS pretty early on. Keep checking them out to see if anything opens up. It happens time to time.

          • In that case i really hope they make the normal version of android 21, even though the sculpt is significantly different. Only company so far that has shown a product of her is Megahouse and i find their Gals line a bit too tacky…

            • Agreed. If I’m being candid, I really have zero interest in the Dragon Ball Gals line.

              It had great potential to be a line celebrating the great female characters in the show, but instead it just over sexualizes them.

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