SH Figuarts ‘Kid Goku’ Includes Nimbus and more

SH Figuarts Kid Goku

A figure catalogue out of Japan showing off future offerings from Tamashii Nations has revealed some interesting details regarding SH Figuarts Kid Goku. The Kid Goku figure is shown in multiple poses, as well as with several accessories that are going to be included with the figure.

As you can see below, Kid Goku is slated to include the Flying Nimbus, Power Pole and a Dragon Ball. We has seen the figure poses with these accessories in past toy shows, but something like that can always be passed off as being done for display purposes. When it’s shown in a catalogue, it’s done for the sole purpose of marketing what you get when you buy the figure.

Don’t forget, Kid Goku drops January, 2018 at a price of 5940JPY.

SH Figuarts Kid Goku

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shin ra
6 years ago

Was hoping that Korin came with him too, but oh well, will be preordering this once it’s available. How bout a kid gohan and a re-release of krillin to do a proper diorama of the saiyan saga?

6 years ago

I’m so glad! Those accessories are essential for kid Goku.
I hope we continue to get more awesome accessories with future figures.