UPDATE: S.H. Figuarts Burter and Guldo

SH Figuarts just gave a sneak peak at the last two members of the Ginyu Force, Burter and Guldo. They come as a two pack and it looks like Guldo will come with some interchangeable hands. Not sure if he articulates, but we will find out soon. Release date is May, 2021 for 9900 yen. We will update again when Bandai officially announces the figure.

Update: BBTS has this up for pre-order and it is an expensive one. I think out of all the Figuarts Dragon Ball Figures, this is the second most expensive figure after Oozaru Vegeta, at $139.99 with a $14.00 non-refundable deposit and a release in May, 2021. At least you don’t have to purchase from Premium Bandai…

Update 2: Thanks to smoothengine for pointing out that this is actually a Premium Bandai USA release so purchase it there for a better price, $90 not including shipping and tax. Still not a fan of PBUSA though…


    • That’s premium bandai Japan, premium bandai usa would cost more based on past figures, but yah it usually costs less in Japan!

      Nebermind this was originally a premium bandai release, that’s why it’s so much on bbts…gahhh

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