Review of S.H. Figuarts 2nd Form Frieza

The official site just posted some new pictures and close-ups of the current pre-order S.H. Figuarts figure – 2nd Form Frieza. It includes Frieza in different poses and also stomping on Kid Gohan – Battle Armor as well as Krillin – Battle Armor. Unfortunately, there is no english version yet, but I will update if they end up translating this. You also get to see his different poses and facial expressions. What is most interesting is the last image in the review showing an outline as the possible last figure in the Namek series. Could it possibly be? Find out with the next Premium Bandai release.

2nd Form Frieza pre-orders end on October 10th, 2022 at 10:59 AM (EDT) for US Premium Bandai users so make sure to order by then if you havent already done so.

For our European visitors, you can pre-order from Myth Factory here!

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