Update: HG Dragon Ball Z Frieza Complete Set

Premium Bandai just released the HG Frieza complete set in Japan. In this series, they include all the forms of one character and have so far done Cell and Majin Buu, now it is Frieza’s turn; however, I think they were a bit premature in releasing this considering what just happened in the manga. There are eight figures in this high grade set including all his forms as well as a power up fourth form and the mecha Frieza form as well. They will eventually need to add Frieza Black to this as well or release an all new set. Cost is 15,000 yen or about $110 using current exchange rates and it will release in February of 2023. I will update once BBTS announces pre-orders.

Update 9/28/2022: Looks like BBTS has this for pre-sale for $199.99 with a $20 non refundable deposit. This set will ship in February, 2023!

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