Prime 1 Studio x MegaHouse Goku

Prime 1 Studio and MegaHouse are teaming up to bring us what appears to be one incredible looking Super Saiyan Goku statue! Some photos have made their way to us from MegaHobby 2019 in Akiba and they’re more than impressive!

Prime 1 Studio is mostly known for their work in bringing television and video game scenes to life in impressive resin statues. Seeing them collaborate with MegaHouse on this piece is exciting, as the Dragon Ball resin market is dominated by the likes of Tsume and XCeed.

There’s not much else to say, as all we’re being told is “more information soon”, so I guess all we can do is bask our eyes on this glorious sight:

The Details:

Prime 1 Studio x MegaHouse Goku

Release Date: Unknown
Height: 1/4 Scale
Price: Unknown

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