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High quality scans of November 2019’s prize figure offerings have become available and one of the scans offers a little bit of supplementary news regarding Retsuden Chapter 6 being released in January, 2020. Retsuden Chapter 6 will apparently consist of an Ultimate Gohan and a Super Saiyan 2 Gohan figure.

Retsuden Chapter 6: January, 2020

Looks like we’ll be seeing new offerings from the new World Collectable Diorama line as well. This is a relatively new line, as this is only Volume 4. WCD is some what of a companion to the long running World Collectable Figure line. These are similar in height, standing at 7cm each. They differ from the World Collectable Figure line as they as have a base that is stylized after landscapes, rather than a plain red base.

World Collectable Diorama

November will also be bringing us this brilliant Grandista Gotenks figure, which comes with a Super Saiyan head and a powered down head. Measuring in at 19cm in height:

Grandista Gotenks

Plus this Dragon Ball GT version of Goku performing the Dragon Fist. Two versions offered: a powered down and a Super Saiyan version. Measuring in at 13cm in height:

Dragon Ball GT Reversal Killing Mystery Dragon Fist Explosion

November also will be bringing us Retsuden Chapter 5 Ultimate Fusion Warrior. This is the advertisement that mentioned the upcoming Retsuden Chapter 6 release, that we mentioned above, in the lower right hand corner:

Retsuden Chapter 5: Ultimate Fusion Warrior

Lastly, November will be bringing us a Super Dragon Ball Heroes 9th ANNIVERSARY FIGURE- Super Saiyan 4 Son Goku: Xeno:

Super Dragon Ball Heroes 9th ANNIVERSARY FIGURE- Super Saiyan 4 Son Goku: Xeno

Credit for the scans and information goes to @Baggie_Saiyan

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