New SH Figuarts Vegito Photo and Rumors on a Release Date

The SH Figuarts Vegito figure has usually been shown in its prototype form with a Super Saiyan head, however at New York Comic Con it has debuted a non Super Saiyan head and slightly updated facial features. Users across the web seemed to think the face on the Super Saiyan head looked a little.. off, however the non Super Saiyan head seems to have quelled those complaints!

Here’s to hoping when the figure is released it will still come with both head pieces bearing the updated facial features!

Speaking of the figure being released, this Japanese blog has suggested the figure will be released in April of 2015. Though this seems unlikely as the Android 16 figure is being released the month before. We’ll just have to wait and see!

Vegito with non-Super Saiyan head piece at NYCC
Vegito with Super Saiyan head piece


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