Banpresto’s Tenkaichi Budokai 5 to Debut Vegeta Prototype Soon!

Banpresto’s Modeling Tenkaichi Budokai 5 is off to a great start with the announced figures of Super Saiyan Goku, Super Saiyan Vegeta, Raditz, Nappa, Second Form Cell and Bardock! Banpresto let some news loose today that the Vegeta figure will be in its prototype stages shortly!

Check below for the photo Banpresto released showing artist Oniyama at work on the Tenkaichi Budokai 5 Vegeta. You can see what appear to be the chest piece of Vegeta’s Saiyan armor in the artist’s hand and if you look to the right you can see what appears to be his reference materials for the figure!

Tenkaichi Budokai 5 Vegeta

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