New Dragon Ball Tour Exclusive and Dates!

The North American Dragon Ball Tour announced three new date and a new exclusive figure today. The tour will be stopping in the Pacific North West for a date in Portland, Oregon. Then hitting up Toronto, Canada and New York City.

Beyond that they’ve announced a new event exclusive. So in addition the Vegetto exclusive we will be seeing a new SH Figuarts Broly variant. This will be the third time this figure has seen release.

Dragon Ball Tour Dates:

San Diego, CA – July, 2018

Washington DC – August, 2018

Toronto, Canada – August, 2018

Portland, OR – September, 2018

New York City – October, 2018


Dragon Ball Tour Broly Exclusive

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  • SSJ_Bardock

    Well, that was unexpected! No sign of a Chicago stop worries me. Great for people who live in Oregon, but a strange choice.

  • shin ra

    I just don’t get how they chose SD over LA…guess i gotta spend the 2 hours to drive down there…

    • SSJ_Bardock

      I think it is because their first stop is SDCC. Makes sense to me. My biggest concern is the scalpers. I guarantee that this new Broly will be listed for $200+ on Ebay soon after the convention.

      • MajinRob

        In my long experience of collecting Dragon Ball merchandise and being involved with the fandom, I’ve seen (many times) people listing exclusives on eBay AT the convention. Pretty outrageous.

  • MidEastNuke

    Come to Florida!