New Broly Design and Movie Figures Revealed

**UPDATED** Our first glimpse of Broly, as he will appear in the upcoming movie, has been revealed. A source in Japan  snapped some photos of a figure display and cardboard cut out and it gives a crystal clear idea as to what Broly’s design will look like.

The figure appears to be coming from a Banpresto line called “Ultimate Soldiers” and will be appearing in Crane King machines in December, 2018, which is just in time to coincide with the international release date of the movie.

If you look closely at the placard for the figure it says “Ultimate Soldiers – The Movie- I”, which indicates to us that this figure is number one (hence the I) of a series. We decided to check the Shonen Jump Calendar and it turns out the hunch is correct. At the moment there are two other figures in this series schedule for release as well, which are to be a Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Vegeta.

Check out the translated screen shot and additional photos below:

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