More S.H. Figuarts ‘Oozaru Vegeta’ Photos

With the release date for Oozaru Vegeta looming just around the corner in July, we’ve been graced with some more official photos. The scale of this thing is pretty impressive, seeing it next to previous releases gives a nice context for size. I can’t help but feel like Tamashii Nations is putting forth some serious effort in the Dragon Ball (Z/Super) line. I wonder how much of that effort is a direct response to bootleg figure manufacturers?

After this and the Capsule 9 announcement, I began to feel more optimistic than ever for the future of this line. They’re willing to give us vehicles and they’re willing to make huge figures like Oozaru Vegeta. Now.. when will we finally see Dragon Ball GT themed releases? Those are what my heart truly desires.

Until then.. this is good enough. For now.

The Details:

Release Date: July, 2020
MSRP: 17000JPY +tax
Accessories: Miniature Goku and Yajirobe, figure stand, interchangeable hands, interchangeable tail

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4 years ago

Hate to point this out, but Nappa was blown to bits way before vegeta went oozaru…

4 years ago
Reply to  shinra25

Same with everyone else actually except for yojirobe and goku…and theres no gohan figure from that series yet…