More Ichiban Kuji: ‘History of Rivals’ Reveals

We just got wind the other day about the new Ichiban Kuji: History of Rivals prize lottery and the good news was that we’d be receiving a great looking Yamcha figure. Today we’ve received news of two other figures from the prize lottery’s offerings; Son Goku and Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Goku.

I’ve got to say, I expected at least one Goku figure in this prize lottery. After all; the theme of the lottery are Goku’s rivals through the Dragon Ball time line. However, it seems we will receive several Goku figures. Perhaps even one form of Goku to be paired with the rival he fought at that particular time. While this all makes plenty of sense, I can’t help but feel disappointed. The last thing we really need are more Goku figures. But Bandai makes what sells.. and Goku sells.

This prize lottery is slated to begin March, 2020 in participating convenience stores across Japan.

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