Match Makers Super Saiyan Gogeta and Broly

New figures from Bandai Spirits, who can be considered the successor to the now defunct Banpresto, due to their taking over of the amusement prize section of Bandai.

These new releases are part of Bandai’s “Match Makers” line, which releases pairs of statues per release, that are sold seperately but are related in some way.

Below we can see that Bandai Spirits is continuing on with this line’s tradition and purpose with a Super Saiyan Broly and Super Saiyan Gogeta. They’re captured and posed in the middle of battle, as you may have seen in the Dragon Ball Super: Broly theatrical release:

The Details:

Match Makers – Super Saiyan Gogeta

Release Date: September, 2019
Height: 14cm
Price: TBD

Match Makers – Super Saiyan Broly

Release Date: September, 2019
Height: 16cm
Price: TBD

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