Master Stars Piece: The Son Gohan – Chocoolate x Dragon Ball Collaboration V2

Hong Kong based clothing company Chocoolate is doing another Dragon Ball collaboration this year, this time with The Son Gohan being the exclusive figure to accompany their collection of clothing and accessories. This version of ‘The Son Gohan’ is the fourth in color way for the mold, with the others being; standard, new colors and cel shaded.

Now before anyone gets too excited, Chocoolate only operates in Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Canada and a few smaller countries in Asia. Though I’m sure you can find some of these items from third party retailers like eBay, if you dont live in any of these regions.

Chocoolate The Son Gohan

This year’s collaboration between Chocoolate and Dragon Ball consists of the following:

  • Special Priced Bundle (MSP The Son Gohan Chocoolate and a T-Shirt of Your Choice)
  • Goku and Krillin T-Shirt (available in three color ways, red, black or white)
  • T-Shirt Master Roshi
  • T-Shirt Chaozu
  • T-Shirt Goku
  • T-Shirt Goku & Oozaru
  • Goku Button Up Shirt with emblem
  • Shenron T-Shirt with emblem
  • Chaozu T-Shirt with emblem
  • Krilin T-Shirt with emblem
  • Taopaipai T-Shirt with emblem
  • Master Roshi T-Shirt with emblem
  • Pilaf T-Shirt with emblem
  • Kid Goku shirt with emblem
  • T-Shirt Special Edition Son Gohan Super Saiyan 2 (Exclusive to Chocoolate store “The One”)
  • Goku & Oozaru drawstring backpack
  • Capsule Corp Cap
  • Red Ribbon Army Cap
  • Box of 2 Capsules (USB Stick and Laser Pointer) (black & white) FREE when you spend $1200 or more

Chocoolate x Dragon Ball Collaboration

As you may remember, this isn’t the first time Chocoolate has collaborated with and produced a Dragon Ball themed collection. Last year in July, Chocoolate released a similar collection consisting of clothing, accessories and an exclusive The Son Goku figure. After the success of last year’s collection, it appears they decided to expand on the available items for this year.


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