Chocoolate / Dragon Ball Z Collaboration

A clothing and apparel company out of Hong Kong called Chocoolate has released a line of merchandise in collaboration with Dragon Ball Z. The entire line is in a black and white color scheme and is being released in honor of Dragon Ball Z’s 30th anniversary.

The line consists of:

  • Special Box Set (Master Stars Piece figure and T-Shirt)
  • Power Bank shaped Dragon Radar (USB external battery charger)
  • Hat – Goku
  • T-Shirt – Goku Kamehameha (black or white)
  • T-Shirt – Goku Super Saiyan (black or white)
  • T-shirt – Mecha-Freezer (black or white)
  • T-Shirt – Logo Dragon Ball Z (black or white)
  • T-Shirt – Piccolo
  • T-Shirt – Goku Super Saiyan
  • T-Shirt – Vegeta

Chocoolate Dragon Ball Z


Check out the gallery below:



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  • Za Warudo

    I love the paintwork on that Master Stars Piece, it looks identical to the shading on the shirts.

    • MajinRob

      Agreed. I really like everything they’ve put out, to be honest. The shirts are the most tasteful and grown up DBZ shirts I’ve ever seen.

      • Za Warudo

        Oh yeah by far.

  • Medon M

    i hope i was from hong kong lo , a really nice collection

  • I have a Chocolate store in my city. I want the Dragon Radar power booster. Comes in 2 months.

  • AnhVuDo

    How do I get all of this?! 🙁