Update Again B Prize: Ichiban Kuji Dragon Ball EX World Protectors C, D, and E Prize Figures

For March of 2021, Ichiban Kuji will be releasing Dragon Ball EX World Protectors series and they just announced the C prize figure that will be Tien Shinhan and the E Prize Figure that will be Chioutzu. If you remember, Ichiban Kuji is a raffle system where buyers buy a ticket and they scratch off the ticket to reveal what prize they won. Since we dont have this game here, the figures are released for pre-order instead. We will update when that happens!

Update: Looks like the D prize will be Yamcha!

Update Again: B Prize is good ole Piccolo

Update 11/13: Pre-orders have been announced on BBTS with a cost of $39.99 for each figure and an availability date of May, 2021. No word on Chioutzu, the F prize or the last one figure.

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  1. OMG I’ve been waiting for new non-saiyan character statues! This Tienshinhan will look lovely next to my Yamcha History of Rivals. The pose is just a perfect match. Chiaotzu looks awesome as well!

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