HG Ginyu Force Set Production Version Photos

A few months ago, back in May, we posted about the upcoming HG Ginyu Force Sentai Set. The set is marketed as a Premium HG set, meaning it will cost a little bit more than the typical sets released under the HG moniker.

The set will begin shipment in October, 2019. Pre-orders have sold out quickly in Japan, as well as North America. So if you find these for pre-order some where, make sure to get your set spoken for!

Photos by Qmi, via Omar

The Details:

Premium Bandai – Dragon Ball HG Ginyu Force Sentai Set

Release Date: October, 2019


Ginyu is 1.68 inches (4.3cm)

Recoome is 3.35 inches (8.9cm)

Jeice is 2.89 inches (7.4cm)

Burter is 3.47 inches (8.9cm)

Guldo is 1.48 inches (3.8cm)

Price: $109.99~

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