Figure-rise Standard Piccolo

Figure-rise Standard Piccolo

At this point, this isn’t exactly breaking news. But I’m posting this in an effort to return to some level of consistency with the updating of So bare with me while we bust some of the rust off and get back to normal..

The well received, highly articulated and very collectable Figure-rise Standard line of model kit figures is back with a Piccolo offering. It will be priced at 3,240JPY and see release in April, 2018. Making this figure even more exciting will be the included accessories:

– Special Moves Effect (Magical Light Gun) × 1
– Three facial parts (normal, angry, wearing a turban (normal)) × 1 each
– 2 types of wrist parts (left hand grip hand, right hand for magic light gun) × 1 each
– Turban, cloak × 1 each
– Super Saiyan Son Gohi for hair parts × 1

Figurise Standard Piccolo
Price: 3,240 Yen
Release: April, 2018

Thanks to Matthew for the news!

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