Dragon Ball Retro Sofubi Collection w/ Possibly Rarest Figure in Recent History

I was able to finally upload all the photos for the entire set of Retro Sofubi collection figures. You can find all four parts linked below.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

While I was putting this all together, I found what seemed to be a very limited figure of Mecha Frieza. The standard release had him in two different very flat colors, but if you look at the image of the entire collection above, you see one that is metallic in color. So far, I have seen two sellers of this very rare figure, one from this HK site where the seller has almost the entire collection. He has the silver metallic version and there is also a blue metallic version (see pics below). I found the blue metallic version on an ebay auction that has since disappeared. From what I was able to gather, these were either sold or given away at a special event back in 2019 in Japan and there were only 50 of each made. This was all from the one ebay ad and there is no further information on the Plex page of the bandai website nor do this figures even show up. If any of this information is remotely true, than this is probably one of the rarest pair of figures released in recent time. If you have seen this figure or have any additional info, please leave a comment.

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