Check Out These Rare Prototype Dragon Ball Electronics!


Within the Dragon Ball community there are those who collect prototype figures and toys, a unique and rare aspect of the collecting world. These kinds of collectables are especially rare as many were destroyed by the manufacturer after they served their purpose. They remain a desirable item as they give insight into the process in which merchandise goes through before a final product hits the shelves.

Finding prototype figures is rare enough, but never have I seen any prototype handheld electronics.. until now. A seller on eBay named qeelocke has posted up several prototype electronic handhelds by Tiger Electronics. The seller has two hand held RC figures and several handheld video games that are all in the early prototyping stages. The seller has stated on each auction that none of the items contain actual electronics in them, which tells us how early on in the prototyping phase these products were in. However, each item was hand painted by Tiger Electronics employees and none of these items actually made it into production.

Yes, that’s correct. None of these actually got the green light to be produced! Several of my friends who collect prototype figures have both the prototype version of the figure and the actual production version; which provides for a great display. However, items like this give us insight into what was going on in the minds of the manufacturers of Dragon Ball merchandise during a lucrative age.

Check out the gallery below to see what could have been:


Porunga RC Figure:


Piccolo Hand Held Game Figure:


Goku and Vegeta Game:


Collectable Figure Game:


Handheld Character Based Games:

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Chandler Nunnally
7 years ago

Holy crap, that Porunga ❤😍