Bandai Teases Unknown 5″ Dragon Ball Super Figures

Bandai sent the Dragon Ball figure collecting world into a frenzy with some mysterious 5″ scale prototype figures at Toy Fair New York 2019. The figures had articulation that’s usually seen on figures marketed toward the collector world. But the exciting part, is that it appear these may serve as an expansion of Bandai’s Dragon Stars which is an affordable line distributed to “brick and mortar” department stores like Wal-Mart.

So does this all mean that we could soon be seeing figures of a higher quality and caliber in department stores across North America again? I think so. Some of you may remember when Irwin and then Jakks Pacific ruled the market for Dragon Ball merchandise in North America and might very well miss those days.

While we will likely never see Jakks or Irwin produce Dragon Ball merchandise again, we can certainly enjoy a new era in what Bandai and Dragon Stars has to offer.

The prototypes look to be from very early on in the production process. You can tell in the photo below that they’re flimsy and had difficulty staying in place, even with the aid of putty:

A user from email a representative of Bandai, named Derrick, about the aforementioned figures:

“We haven’t really revealed much information about these figures, other than revealing them at Toy Fair.

As you can tell from the pictures, these are fairly flimsy models. Once we get further along in production, I will inform the community about the details of these figures.”

– Derrick

So there’s not much to know other than these figures have a lot of potential and more information will become available as these figures make further along the production process.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Bandai is making smart moves? Will they be able to compare, or beat, the past offerings off Jakks and Irwin?

Sound off in the comments section below.

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