12/14/2020 Dragon Ball News

We finally get the in depth look at the new S.H. Figuarts Burter and Guldo figures, but before that Victor Uchida reviews the week’s release including Super Dragon Ball Heroes cards, Chapter #67 of Dragon Ball Super manga, Super Dragon Ball Heroes 10th Anniversary shop, Super Dragon Ball Heroes Big Bang Mission (12/20 release), Jump Fiesta 2021 Online (12/19-20), and some other games. At the 2:33 mark, they finally show the new figures and announce pre-orders will start on 12/18 in Japan and US pre-order should start by the end of the month. With this release, the Ginyu Force is complete. Compared to Goku, most of the Ginyu members are pretty big, especially Burter. They also show a pre-production sample that looks like an alternate color in a game. Guldo’s head also moves and has interchangeable hands and legs for a fighting pose. Would have been cool if they did the group pose, missed opportunity there…

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