Weekly Dragon Ball News for the Week of January 17th

In this week’s episode, the big news is the release of V-Jump this Friday with the next chapter of Dragon Ball Super continuing the fight between Granolah and Gas. This storyline is suppose to end this year, but with only one chapter per month, it could be second quarter before this ends. I personally think it will be before the movie comes out in April so maybe three chapters left.

They also invited Kopei who is in charge of Super Dragon Ball Heroes and also likes to dress up as Ryu from Street Figghter to talk about Big Bang Mission 12. I gotta admit, the Gogeta card at the end looks pretty cool even though I dont play the game. Let me know if you do cause this card is supposedly to be super super powerful.

Finally, they didnt mention anything about the new S.H. Figuarts Android 21 Lab Coat even though it goes on sale this week so hopefully they show that figure off in a future episode. Until then, i hope you all have a Super Week!